The Treble Collection

Treble is the ninth lighting collection, further exploring the studio’s design language of balance and reduction on a more expansive scale.

Treble is reminiscent of cursive penmanship exercises and how a drawn line seamlessly connects individual elements. These lines are the blue print for the curved brass arms that make up the collection’s repeating components. Each tier is a singular phrase that adds to a larger statement. The collection’s name is taken from the musical symbol, the treble clef. The continuous chain of individual “clefs” are balanced and punctuated by a folded metal shade.

The complex luminaire is composed of several components under a large shallow reflective conical form made from a flat cut aluminum pattern held together in tension. Each shade is illuminated by an LED light source with a slump molded glass diffuser and a polished brass disk. Weeks experimented with uncommon anodizing techniques working with Alex Rasmussen of the California design firm Neal Feay. Through a process of dipping and polishing, they created a delicate finish that deviates from the familiar saturation of anodized aluminum; leaving a gradient that resembles a watercolor wash.

The result is a unique lighting collection that exemplifies manufactured beauty: finding the elegance in the assembly of sympathetic materials.

No. 451 Treble Single
No. 452 Treble Mobile
No. 318 Treble Standing Lamp
No. 218 Treble Sconce