Questionnaire à la Proust

David was recently interviewed by One-Two-One-Two-Microphone Check as part of their ongoing Culture Makers/Questionnaires à la Proust series:

David Weeks: The Cultural Questionnaire.

What’s your favorite line from a movie?

‘He’s got the scruples of a guinea pig and the morals of a gangster’, in Sweet Smell Of Success.

Which movie do you love but would be embarrassed to talk about in a serious, intellectual conversation?


The tune of the moment?

Regiment – Brian Eno/David Byrne.

Name a museum where you’d be happy to be locked in for the night.

Chinati Foundation, Marfa, Texas.

The three books you’d take with you for a very, very, very long 100% environmentally friendly trip overseas?

Ada or Ardor, Vladimir Nabokov.

London Fields, Martin Amis.

Tender Is The Night, F. Scott Fitzgerald.

You can give two “cultural items” (be it a book, a painting, a movie, a record or anything else), one to the person you like the most, one to the person that bores you the most. What would these two items be?

The person I like: Michael Onadaatje’s book In the Skin of a Lion.

The person that bores me: The Rapeman Album, Two Nuns and a Pack Mule.

What painting would you steal if you could magically become invisible for a few hours?

Man Walking, by Nathan Oliveira.

Which artist, alive or not, in any given field, would you love to party with for a wild, wild night?

Richard Pryor.