Whiplash Desk Lamp

No. 122

The Whiplash Desk Lamp features a cylindrical cement cast base. The hand formed brass arm is secured by a brass dowel. The fixture has a single glass Whiplash shade, each shade is hand blown and illuminated by a dimmable LED. Shade can be faced up or down, specify shade orientation.


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Whiplash Collection

A line of beauty. A serpentine curve. Tension and release. Movement and poise. A force of energy. Taking its name from the sinuous lines which came to define the art nouveau era, the Whiplash Collection repurposes this ornamental flourish as functional form with signature minimalism and ease. Reflecting the feminine coils and curves of the natural world, the Whiplash Collection is an electrifying dance between delicacy and dynamism, energy and poise.

desk lamps | New York City

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