Sculpt Sofa

No. 510

Sculpt was created to be visually active from every angle. Every inch is tapered or shaped – there are no right angles. The upholstered, sculpted seat is suspended and cradled in an external plated steel frame giving the seat a sense of weightlessness. The Sculpt Sofa is available in 8′ and 10′ lengths.


  • Divina Melange 120
  • Divina Melange 170
  • Divina Melange 220
  • Divina Melange 260
  • Divina 542
  • Divina 636
  • Divina 652
  • Divina 584


  • Polished Nickel


Sampled color options are offered in Kvadrat Divina and Divina Melange. For additional color options and more information, please visit the Maharam website.