Ateliers Pinton & David Weeks Studio at WantedDesign Brooklyn

David Weeks Studio was paired with the historic tapestry weaver Ateliers Pinton as part of the Transatlantic Creative Exchange, a special exhibition curated by  WantedDesign. The exhibit pairs designers and manufacturers from France and the U.S.

On View – L’âge des Perceptions Erronées
May 17-23rd 11am-6pm
WantedDesign Brooklyn at Industry City
238 36th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232

A note from David –

When WantedDesign approached us to partner with Ateliers Pinton, tapestry was not a medium I’d considered. Pinton was established in 1867, and has a long history of making tapestries in the “Aubusson” weaving technique. Our design studio quickly immersed itself in Pinton’s historic patterns. From one of the antique carpets in their archives, we cropped in closely on a small portion of a floral pattern and attempted to dismantle its traditional composition. We ended up returning to one of my favorite mediums, masking tape. It allows you to quickly crop and edit an image, by building up layers of tape, and obscuring portions of the image while creating an original collage.

The imagery took many forms during the development of this tapestry. As the look evolved, we were focused on the intention of hiding something contrary to the theme of its overall imagery. Like finding unintentional faces in the pattern of wallpaper, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hide some unexpected images. The title of the piece, L’âge des Perceptions Erronées, is a light hearted nod to Age of Enlightenment.

Our tapestry design took three months to weave. When it was unrolled in our studio after its completion, we were astounded with the precision, their ability to recreate the torn edges of the masking tape from our collage, and the gradients created with hand dyed yarn is remarkable.  Thank you to everyone involved in this piece, WantedDesign, Ateliers Pinton, the weavers, Jacques, Carlos, Clem and the cooks at the local restaurant in Felletin, France!

– David Weeks