Special Edition Semana Chairs

David Weeks Studio is excitedly awaiting the arrival of our new Special Edition Semana Chairs – featuring leather from Big Bend Saddlery, one of the oldest saddlemakers in the United States. Since the inception of the Semana Chair design 15 years ago, when David first approached Brooklyn cobblers in an attempt to manifest his idea for its tailored, leather sling, the chair has traveled a storied, circuitous route.

Picked up by Habitat UK in London in 2002, the Semana Chair enjoyed a successful run as one of their featured designs. For its 15-year anniversary, we decided to produce a special edition of the chair working with a skilled set of saddlemakers in West Texas. With their attention to fine detail and what one can lovingly describe as their “slow cowboy process”, these craftsmen are artists in their own right and now another celebrated part of the chair’s history.

On Big Bend Saddlery

Over one hundred years since its humble beginnings in a small ranching community in far West Texas, Big Bend Saddlery has earned a strong reputation in the region and far beyond. The stamp used on these leather goods carries an impressive history, reaching back to the shop’s founding in 1905 by J.G. Crawford and his core aim of making high-quality saddles and harnesses. Quality and attention to detail remain an integral part of the shop’s approach, employed by talented craftsmen who have a sincere love for and appreciation of the life of the cowboy.


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