NYCxDesign 2014

Design Week is rapidly approaching, and the Studio is buzzing. We are excited to showcase a diverse range of new products as part of Salvers & Paper, an exhibition opening on May 19th at our TriBeCa location. The show will feature expansive installations of our new Infinity Screen and collaborative projects, with an opening event on Monday, May 19th from 6:30-9pm.

The Salvers Collection: A Collaboration with Alex Rasmussen & The Neal Feay Company

Last fall, our first showroom opened in New York’s TriBeCa district. In addition to providing a platform to showcase his lighting and furniture collections, the space has given David the opportunity to team up with designers and artists whose work he admires. This year for ICFF, David invited Alex Rasmussen, President and Creative Director of the Neal Feay Company, to join him for a special exhibition. After meeting Alex and visiting their factory in Santa Barbara, David was impressed with the company’s manufacturing capabilities. He was inspired to find a way to work together: “It’s very rare to find progressive manufacturers who are willing to work on projects that aren’t solely based on value engineering.”

Beginning with a concept David had in mind, Alex introduced a library of prototypes that would subsequently influence the final forms. Inspired by the capabilities of the tools and lines reminiscent of automotive bodies, David created a series of angular and faceted trays. In response, Alex used digital manufacturing techniques to explore organic forms in aluminum. The resulting pieces from both designers illustrate an ongoing conversation featuring six unique designs: three designed by David and three by Alex, each available in various anodized color finishes.

The Salvers Collection will be featured in a month-long exhibition at David Weeks Studio, opening on May 17th and running through June 20th. On May 19th, a second set of the Salvers will debut in Paris as part of the American Design in Paris exhibition at the Mona Bismarck American Center for Art & Culture.

Gorillion: David Weeks for Flavor Paper

ICFF 2014 will also mark the release of Gorillion, a new wallpaper designed by David and produced by Flavor Paper, a Brooklyn company specializing in fine handscreened wallpaper. The design features the many faces of Hanno, a wooden toy of David’s creation. “Gorillion was a pattern that came from the sketches I did for Hanno [the Gorilla]. I find when you draw something over and over again, even if you try to repeat yourself, it constantly changes. The wallpaper came directly from my sketchbook where I had covered several pages corner to corner with gorilla heads. My wife [Georgianna Stout, Founding Partner at 2×4] saw these pages and contacted Jon at Flavor Paper, who then finalized the pattern for launch at this year’s ICFF.”

The wallpaper is currently featured at 38 Walker Street, and is available for purchase directly through Flavor Paper.

Infinity Screen  

The first iteration of our Infinity Screen came about in 2009 as a custom design for a hotel commissioned by Clodagh, a New York-based design firm. David designed six hanging chandeliers comprised of thousands of die-cut mylar panels, each suspended from an intricate grid of folded wire elements. The structure allowed each panel to move independently, creating a fluttering sense of movement overhead.

This year, David tweaked the design by creating a repeating element that would serve as its own support system. Using interlocking pieces and adapting the original dimensions, this streamlined the steps involved in both production and installation. Aside from its top bracket, made of stainless steel, the screen is entirely comprised of folded pieces of FSC certified paper. With panels that can be expanded to accommodate any space, the Infinity Screen brings forth a surprising sense of dimension using nothing more than folded paper.

During NYCxDesign there will be over 350 square feet of the material on display in the showroom, composed of thousands of paper elements hanging in a series of graceful arcs. “Every new show we have is another opportunity to experiment not only with new products but also with the way we use our space. I want the store to evolve just as the collection of products has. This show will be our most ambitious attempt to affect both.”