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Gorillion! David Weeks for Flavor Paper

The many faces of Hanno! Our new Gorillion wallpaper, available at Flavor Paper.

ICFF 2014 will also mark the release of Gorillion, a new wallpaper designed by David and produced by Flavor Paper, a Brooklyn company specializing in fine handscreened wallpaper. The design features the many faces of Hanno, a wooden toy of David’s creation. “Gorillion was a pattern that came from the sketches I did for Hanno [the Gorilla]. I find when you draw something over and over again, even if you try to repeat yourself, it constantly changes. The wallpaper came directly from my sketchbook where I had covered several pages corner to corner with gorilla heads. My wife [Georgianna Stout, Founding Partner at 2x4] saw these pages and contacted Jon at Flavor Paper, who then finalized the pattern for launch at this year’s ICFF.”

The wallpaper is currently featured at 38 Walker Street, and is available for purchase directly through Flavor Paper.

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