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David Weeks Launches Limited Edition Rugs with Christopher Farr

For the first time ever, award-winning designer David Weeks has created a collection of rugs. The limited-edition line for Christopher Farr draws on Weeks’ background as a painter as well as key themes in his lighting collections. Long an innovator in contemporary rug design, Christopher Farr works with select designers and artists like Gary Hume and Andree Putman at the forefronts of their fields. Now with Weeks, the collection pulls together both strains in his work, from art to design.

Inspired by artists like Diebenkorn and Giacometti plus Weeks’ own love of painting, the collection is designed to defy flat space and shape a room. Using Weeks’ subtle mastery of curves, the rugs are richly layered to evoke depth. “We started by collaging shapes from the Boi and Sarus collections,” Weeks explains. “We looked for 2-dimensional patterns in the 3D drawings. I’m not interested in pattern just for the sake of it; I want it to have a bigger meaning and relationship to the shapes that are integral to me.” Now the line unifies his work – art and painting, design and lighting. “It was important to use the rugs to see how you could create a space with this flat plane, using that to make something dimensional and full.”

Farr, himself an artist, has wanted to collaborate with Weeks for years. “He has a painter’s sensibility. David’s done lighting and furniture – and now is exploring the floor. It’s amazing that these are his first rugs. Despite the graft and grind it takes to make textiles this strong, in his hands they look effortless – even playful. It’s clear that he understands how space works in all dimensions. From his toys to his products, David has both a sense of play and a cohesive vision. You can see that here and how the rugs carry through his work’s larger themes.”

Developed for Weeks’ upcoming October 2012 show at Ralph Pucci, the rugs are hand tufted using handspun and hand-dyed wool. Hand spinning ensures the wool retains its natural lanolin, which provides a natural stain guard and, as the rug is used, enhances its lustrous quality. Hand dyed in small batches, the color takes to the wool unevenly giving the finished design variation, movement and depth. With two patterns and two colorways, each rug will each be available at 10’x13’ in a limited edition of ten. They are exclusive to Ralph Pucci in New York and Los Angeles, and Christopher Farr in Los Angeles and London.

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